Daedalus Control Crystal Drawer from Stargate Atlantis (2004) owned by jo2y

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Production Description:
One of several crystal drawers destroyed by Ronon Dex in the Stargate Atlantis Season 5 episode "The Lost Tribe". After Todd and his crew of Wraith had taken the Daedalus, Ronon disabled key ship's systems by shooting the crystals inside the control crystal drawers.

Technical Description:
Production-made wooden box painted gray with laminated dark gray simulated circuitry and panels, inside are frosted acrylic panels with slots and holes for crystals, on the outside are a series of non-functional LEDs on the gray panels, on both ends are functional lights that backlight the interior when plugged in, production has distressed the inside with black paint, measures 26in x 22in x 11in. Included are eighteen frosted cylindrical crystals and five flat data crystals, all are distressed with holes and black paint by production.