Wraith Drone Uniform from Stargate Atlantis (2004) owned by jo2y

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Production Description:
A complete Wraith drone costume seen throughout all five seasons of Stargate Atlantis. Wraith drones were the foot soldiers for the Wraith army, led by the Keeper, queens and commanders. As the series progressed production stopped painting the arms of the actors white and switched to an undergarment for the chest and arms later in the series. This costume reflects this change.

Technical Description:
Production-made costume consisting of: dyed latex green bone mask with white synthetic hair dreadlock wig. Black cotton spandex leotard with long black leather sleaves and zipper back. Black spandex pants with black elastic stirrups and suspenders and zipper front closure, production marked "KEN WHITNEY" inside. Carapace torso armor with black leather under-vest with side clasp closures, hard rubber silver front and back armor with clear plastic covering, and rubber simulated bone silver shoulder armor. Black leather cummerbund with Velcro side closures, production marked "FRONT" "BACK" "UP" "L" "C.B." and "39-41" inside. Black leather cod piece with webbing belt and buckle. Black leather chaps with metal snaps and zipper closures and rubber simulated bone thigh armor. Black leather grieves with lace-up back closures and rubber simulated bone knee and shin armor. Black webbing belt with molded rubber belt segments and Fastex buckle, production marked "OTTY BEACH" inside. Attached to the belt is a black leather pouch with Velcro closure. Black leather gauntlets with Velcro closures. Black leather tactical boots, size 10 - 10 1/2, production marked "NID STUNT GUARD #3" inside. No size information is available except where otherwise noted. Several costume pieces are production marked "James Moffat" inside or on back.