Jaffa Warrior Costume from Stargate SG-1 (1997) owned by jo2y

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  • Purchase Date: 2011-06-12


A complete Jaffa warrior costume, size Medium/Large, used in the production of Stargate SG-1. The Jaffa served as the assault force for the Goa'uld -- the primary antagonist throughout the first eight seasons of the series -- as well as incubators for the larval form of their masters. Teal'c, a lead character portrayed by Christopher Judge, was a member of this race.

Technical description:

Production-made costume consisting of: heavy black wool trousers highlighted with silver paint with black elastic suspenders and Velcro front closure, size 38. Heavy black wool jacket highlighted with silver paint with five leather and metal buckle front strap closures, size 44. Rubber collar armor painted silver with gold and silver detailing with Velcro, webbing, and snap attachment points. Black denim vest with silver leather ribbed chest panels, back zipper closure, and cloth loop attachment points. Silver leather pleated skirt with side lacing, black webbing suspenders, integrated Velcro belt, and metal chainmail panel in front, size unavailable. Front and back torso armor plates painted silver with gold detailing with lacing and Velcro attachment points, back plate has 1in x 5in rubber beltloop and black Velcro belt panel. Rubber belt with integrated black webbing belt painted silver with gold detailing with Velcro and clasp attachment points, size 42. Rubber belt buckle painted silver with gold and copper highlights with clasp attachment points. Two rubber gauntlets painted silver with gold detailing, top and bottom pieces are laced together. Two rubber greaves painted silver with gold detailing with lace-up backs. Black leather combat boots painted silver, size 11.