Sheppard's Duty Uniform from Season Three from Stargate Atlantis (2004) owned by jo2y

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  • Purchase Date: 2011-03-19


Gray uniform worn by actor Joe Flanigan as "John Sheppard" in Season Three of Stargate Atlantis. Sheppard discovered his genetic sensitivity to Ancient technology while touring the Antarctic outpost, and was soon roped into the Atlantis expedition by Dr. Elizabeth Weir. For the next five years he led his team into battle in the Pegasus Galaxy against the Wraith, Replicators, and numerous other foes.

Technical Description:

Production-made costume consisting of: gray Atlantis style jacket with black panels, American flag patch on left sleeve, Atlantis patch on right sleeve, both patches attached with Velcro. Gray Atlantis style BDU pants, production marked "SHEPPARD 7/06" inside. No size information is available.