Claire Dereux's Orange ISO Flight Jumpsuit from Defying Gravity (2009) owned by jo2y


Production made cotton, orange-dyed jumpsuit featuring zip up
front with Velcro latch, two chest and leg pockets secured with
zippers, adjustable wrist Velcro straps with adjustable waist and
belt with buckle. ISO patch on left chest with C. Dereux patch on
right chest. Features blue undershirt, size small. Includes a pair
of hero magnum black boots, made from leather with nylon mesh, size 7.5. Suit size unknown.


Hero orange flightsuit worn by Maxim Roy as Claire Dereux
while attending the astronaut candidacy program for the Antares
mission. Dereux can be seen wearing this uniform in numerous
flashback sequences, and were standard issue wear for ISO
(International Space Organization) astronaut candidates.